Stress free clamping

By using the adhesive properties of frost, AMCC® has developped, for your fragile parts, a clamping system :

  • stress free
  • hyper rigid
  • mono face clamping
  • fast and easy to use
  • for all forms
  • for all materials
icing plate schema
icing plate schema


Precious metals





Watch pendulums

Raw ceramics

Sintered materials




The AMCC compressed air icing plate (ice vice) are used in milling, lathing, grinding, diamond cutting…
Implementation is very fast :

  1. connect the devive to the compressed air network
  2. spray water on the freezing plate
  3. position the workpiece
  4. turn the control button T ° or the freezer / defrost lever
  5. in a few second the water freeze and the part is clamped
  6. the unclamping, just as fast, is done by reversing the maneuver

A the thickness of the water beneath the part is zero, the repeatability in “Z” depends only of reference surface.

Cup (microscopic scale)



The icing plate evaluating the calorie generated by the machining, the conventional lubrication becomes useless.
(*) Patented systems
(**) clean and dry air (3.2.2 according to AFNOR E 51.301)